About CanCreator
and the Can Makers

About CanCreator

Our app has been designed as a tool for designers and design agencies to easily explore and visualise the exciting world of the drinks can in 3D. Download the app or use it online to see your designs in different can sizes, with a range of finishes and more. Additional functions allow you to save finished can designs, share them or work on them at a later date.

About the Drinks Can

From the timeless sound of the can being opened to iconic can design and an increasing array of drinks choices, the beverage can has travelled the decades in style and is a pack of choice for consumers and brand owners alike. The can continues to evolve and exciting developments like thermochromic inks and tactile finishes ensure that drinks cans keep up with consumer demands, providing an eye-catching, lightweight, unbreakable pack which keeps drinks cold and fresh.

In the UK, over 9.6 billion cans are despatched each year, making it the largest drinks can market in Europe. In the UK we recycle 72% of the cans we use and, as each can is infinitely recyclable, they can be back on shelf as a new can or part of another metal product in just 60 days.

About the Can Makers

Members of the Can Makers work together specifically to promote the benefits of the drinks can and aid communications between the industry and its customers: the brewers and soft drinks manufacturers and the retailers, as well as the packaging industry, the media and consumers.

The Can Makers Information Service acts as the reference point for data and advice on the beverage can and the can manufacturing industry. Consumer opinion and industry research forms an important part of the Can Makers programme.

The Can Makers was the first organisation in Europe formed to promote drinks cans. It is part of a European network set up under Metal Packaging Europe (MPE), which includes similar country organisations across Europe.

To find out more about the Can Makers, visit www.CanMakers.co.uk