Frequently Asked



On the left side of the app you will find the Can Design buttons. These will help you set up the type of can model you will apply your design to. To start, select the can size using the "Can Size" button. You will see the can in the Design Window change when you've made a new can size selection.

Next select the can's finish using the "Can Finish" button. You can read more about the different types of finishes by checking out the "Finishes" section of the FAQ. The "Can Finish" section is also where you will upload your finished designs.

After you have selected a finish, you can select the ring pull colour and the can top colour (in the industry, the top of the can is called the "Can End".) Now you can download the template for the can model you have selected. Depending on the can size you have selected, the templates can vary in size. The finish you have selected will also have an effect on what kind of end result files you will need to save of your design. This is also detailed more in the "Finishes" section of the FAQ. Once you've downloaded a template and created your design, you can then upload a .jpg or .png file (located in the "Can Finish" section) and see your design on the 3D model you selected.

If you are happy with the result, you can save the project or screenshots of the can. Find out more about saving projects in the "Saving Projects" section.


On the right side of the app are a series of icon buttons to help you manipulate your can model.

Use these buttons to spin the can to the left or the right.

Use this button to undo your last move.

Click this button to activate mouse zoom. Click and drag up or down in the model window to zoom in and out. You can also use the mouse wheel to zoom even if the zoom button isn't activated.

With this button active, you can click and drag the mouse to rotate your 3D model in any direction.

This button is a shortcut for the save and load features.

These buttons appear when you are working with a Thermochromic model. The fire button will make the can warm and the snow button will make the can cold.

The lighting button allows you to turn lighting off & on, as well as pause the lights' movement.

Go to full screen mode.

Go to FAQ section.

Close the app.

Allows you to switch between a dark and a light background.

In the top right corner of the can viewing window are four buttons that control the orientation of your can. You can click on them to rotate your can to the left side, top, front, or right side.



There are 4 options for finishes on your can design.

Standard & Matt

The standard and matt finishes require only a simple .png or .jpg copy of your design. If you want any areas of your design to be transparent, make sure to save it as a .png with a transparent background.


For a tactile can you will need to upload two images. The first will be the design as a .png or .jpg image. You will also need to create a cut-out layer that shows only the areas you want to have a tactile texture on the final design. Make the cut-out area solid black and hide everything else then save this as a .png or .jpg image as well.

full-colour base design

cut-out mask for tactile design


Thermochromic designs require two layers like the tactile designs. One layer will be a .jpg or .png copy of your final design.

The second layer will be a cut-out image of the sections of your design that you want to change colour with temperature. The app will use the cut-out to hide the colours on the areas you designate when the can is set to warm. You can use the Warm and Cold buttons to show the colour transition of a thermochromic can design.

base design, cold appearance


desaturated, warm appearance

There are a range of real world options available for thermochromic can designs. If you'd like to use the colours that can currently be printed, below is a chart of what colours are available to can manufacturers today.

Saving Projects

Using the floppy disc icon on the right side of the app, you can save or load projects you have made. You can save the entire can project, using either our online database or as a .can file that you can access offline. If you save the project online, you will be presented with a code. Using this code, you can load the project using the Load icon on the right side of the screen. You can also share this code with a friend or colleague and they can load up your design this way as well. Alternatively you can save an offline version of the project, you will save a .can file onto your computer, available to open again whenever you like or you can email the file to someone else.

You can also save screen shots using the "Save Screenshot" button on the left side of the app. You are able to save the can in its current view or save a larger image with 3 different rotations, to help show the design as it wraps around the model. For either option you will be able to save as a .png with a white, black, a transparent background, or save all three in one go.

Please note that this app provides you with a good indication of how your design will look but, as there are slight variations depending on individual can makers' specifications, you will need to work with your client's can supplier to ensure compatibility.